Back in the hospital

We had to go back to the hospital last night around 10pm. It wasn’t Mommy who got admitted this time, it was Konnor. =( At Konnor’s Dr’s appt yesterday, his bilirubin levels came back high.
Normal is 12, his was 20.6. YIKES! So the Dr. suggested to take him straight to Pediatrics at the hospital and start the process with phototherapy. We did exactly that. Poor lil’ one has had such a rough first few days. He’s been a tough boy though through all the Drs and Nurses constantly checking his stats, getting poked for blood, taking his temperature and now sitting under 3 phototherapy lights….he’s been great!!
I couldn’t help but to cry my eyes seeing my newborn with an IV and under all the lights. What mom wouldn’t feel what I was feeling? All we can do now is wait….