Ahh..the JOYS and PAINS of Parenthood

It's been 4 weeks since Kevin and I have entered the world of "parenthood". It has been a joy to have created such a sweet baby. Konnor has been a blessing to us. When we found out we were expecting a lil' one we knew it would change our lives. We had mixed emotions, mostly excitement and nervousness. Being first time parents we weren't sure if we'd be able to make our baby happy. Of course as everyone said, "It call comes naturally." Sure enough things have come naturally for both Kevin and I. Konnor was born looking a lot like Daddy. His eyes, hair color, lips, chin and some of his facial expressions are all Daddy. His nose and skin color are the only things that aren't Daddy. He's even got curly hair like Mommy and Daddy!!

I've been very impressed with Kevin's attitude towards Konnor. As worried and nervous as he was before Konnor was born..he's done great! Sure sometimes he doesn't wipe Konnor's face after a feeding, or doesn't button all his buttons on his onesies or is already starting to teach him some bad habits...but he's been a great Daddy. He's even been able to take Konnor a bath without my help.

There are many JOYS and PAINS of having Konnor in our lives. Even with the things I've listed as pains, having Konnor is a blessing and is all worth it. Here are a few of the pros and cons of making the transition from pregnancy to parenthood....

-Watching Konnor's facial expressions while he's sleeping
-Giving Konnor kisses
-When he looks at Mommy and Daddy
-The way he follows us w/his eyes just by our voices
-How well Konnor is during car rides
-Seeing Konnor grow in the last 4 weeks
-Goodbye maternity clothes...hello (again) pre-pregnancy clothes!
-Being able to walk again
-Taking pictures and videos of Konnor
-Watching Kevin be a Daddy
-Bonding with Konnor
-Being a FAMILY
-Learning what makes Konnor happy
-Sitting in Konnor's room while holding him
-Crying tears of joy realizing "I'm a MOMMY", "We're PARENTS", "He is MINE/OURS"
-The realization that our lives will never be the same...it'll only get better
-Listening to all his moans and groans while he's asleep

-Sleeepless nights
-Breatsfeeding/Feeding 24/7
-Forgetting to take care of myself
-Washing Konnor's laundry more often than washing our own laundry
-Fussiness during diaper changing
-Diaper changing 12 times or more a day
-Not being able to understand what is wrong when he cries (although most of the time he's just hungry or wet)
-Missing Konnor in my belly
-Labor and Delivery recovery
-Poopie diapers
-Learning how to "go out" w/Konnor. Can't just get up and leave anymore.