Our last prenatal appointment

Currently: 39 weeksWeight gain this week: None

Hooray! Our last prenatal appointment. Today we went in to see Dr. Phillips one last time. I went into the appointment with a headache. The Dr. did his regular exams, heartbeat, cervix check, uterus growth...etc. Everything was fine with the baby. My blood pressure was still elevated, which is the only concern right now. My cervix is still only dilated at 1cm. =( But good thing...it is now 80% effaced. Dr. Phillips has decided to induce me earlier...he said hopefully sometime within the week. He's supposed to call me by the end of day today to tell me what date. WOW...Kevin and I looked at eachother when he said that and it really hit us. We're really going to have a Baby!!

As we were leaving the office, Kevin rubbed my belly and said, "I'm going to miss your basketball!" I thought that was so cute.

Until then....I'm still to go to my next NST appt which is tomorrow and I need to stay on bedrest.....