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Happy 5 weeks Konnor!

Mama & Papa visit again! YAY!

Happy Friday!

Just Konnor and Mommy

1st time grocery shopping

Ahh..the JOYS and PAINS of Parenthood

Happy 1 Month Birthday Konnor

Konnor sleeps 5 hours!

Daddy Returns to work

Desperate measures

What it's like to be a single Mom

1st trip to the mall

Konnor is 3 weeks old

A visit from The Fischer's and The Kotsyun's

Konnor's 1st St. Patrick's Day

"Sleep when Baby Sleeps"

1st night out to dinner

Konnor & Kiana

Konnor is 2 weeks old

Our First Date


Mama & Papa Visit

How time flies!


Jaundice Progress

Back in the hospital

Welcome HOME Baby Konnor!

Still at the hospital

Happy Birthday Konnor Elijah McMaster

"Let's get this started!"

Induction Date Set

Our last prenatal appointment

Can you come out now Baby?

"Sleepless in Surprise"

Valentines Day - Our 13th prenatal appointment

Should we go to the hospital NOW?


Nine Months

More contractions...1cm dialated

37 weeks

OUR year in review

Beginning of NST

Belly Cast

Our 11th Prenatal Appointment

I've become an Insomniac

Our bags are PACKED!

35 weeks and counting....

A busy day for baby....

Our 10th Prenatal Appointment - 32 weeks

Childbirth Preparation Class

Our New Years Celebration