9th prenatal Costochondritis

Ever heard of it? Yah..me neither!
At my appointment, I had the routine check up. Weight, heartbeat, questions..etc. Everything checked out fine. Still not much weight gain. Just a pound from the last appointmen. Dr. Phillips gave me my results from the ultrasound on my pains I was having. He said it was good news that it wasn't gallstones. WHEW! What he thinks it may be is something called "costochondritis". Nothing can be done to make it go away or make it better. Basically it is an inflammation of the cartiliage around the rib cage. Not sure how it occurs or why, but he says it could be because of the uterus pushing up into the chest walls. Gee whiz! Does it ever end when being pregnant? Like us women don't have enough aches and pains while pregnant?
It hurts even when I'm not doing anything. But hurts more when I cough, sneeze, move a certain way, bend, lift....it's never ending!! Sometimes it's painful pain, others it's a painful burning or stinging sensation. Either way....it sucks! So a heating pad and Tylenol is the best thing for it.