Stay at Home Mommy in Training

It's been a week since I stopped working. Been hard trying to keep busy or stay away from becoming a couch potato!
Baby M has been moving a lot still. I hear it only gets stronger from here. I noticed my belly button starting to peek out more. ARRGGHH! The one fear I have being pregnant is my belly button becoming an outie. I know it may sound weird, but it's not something I'm looking forward to. The boobs are getting bigger than ever and have been sore still. The linea negra has become more visible, but not that bad.
My sleep habits haven't been too good. There are nights where I can't sleep a full night through. I usually get up and have to watch tv for a few hours before falling asleep again. The heating pad has become attached to me lately. My hips and lower back have been very painful. Acts up more when I'm walking a lot.