So my weekend was great! I was nervous about turning 30...being pregnant and not being able to celebrate the way I've always celebrated my birthdays. We had planned on taking a trip to Laughlin before we found out we were pregnant. Kevin, Maria and I went to Laughlin for the weekend. Little did I know it was a surprise birthday with some of our closest friends and family. I can't believe Kevin and Maria pulled something off so well...and I never had a clue!
Those who attended were:
Chris and Sherry, Daniel and Lora, Cynthia and Gerald, Joel and Marie, Brian and Amy, Manny, Maria...and even some of the TSK guys! (Jesse, Estelle, Mike P, Ethel, Finley and Sam)
We did some gambling, a lot of eating, jetskiing and relaxing. It was quite exhausting for me trying to stay up late, but I did pretty good. I even got a massage! A very much needed massage!
Thank you to those who surprised me and made my 30th birthday memorable.