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My Lil' Man Goes to School: EAK

6:27 PMUnknown

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I thought the day would never come. My youngest lil' man is finally in school. He officially started EAK (Early Acceptance Kindergarten) last week. The boy who used to tell me he never wanted to go to school, the one who said he wanted to stay home with Mommy everyday forever...

I'm ecstatic! I think I was more excited for him than he was. In the days leading to his first day of school he finally was excited. Days have gone by and he has done well. He loves school even though he says he doesn't. His behavior in school is of course...total opposite of what it is at home. His teacher adores him and loves having him in her class. He had made many friends. I am so relieved to know he is enjoying school. Although just a few hours a day...he is happy to come home to Mommy after learning. I love when he comes home singing or humming the songs he learned at school. 
And on that note...I'm enjoying my ME time while lil' man is at school. I've been actively going to the gym everyday for an hour..sometimes two! I'm on a mission to transform my body and strengthen my stamina and endurance with weights! (That's another post...)

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