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Bitter Sweet: Kinder Graduation

12:49 PMMelanie M.

It seems just like yesterday we brought him home from the hospital. But let's be real....In September, when school started I was more nervous for him than he was. He went into Kindergarten with excitement and did not turn back (not even to look back at Mommy). He excelled through the school year doing a superb job. He received "Citizen of the Day" 13 times throughout the year and even received a Fabulous Falcon Award for Generosity. He excelled at Reading and Math, going into 1st Grade reading and later 2nd Grade reading level. So proud!!! As the end of the year came to end, his most fondest memory was all of his friends he had made in school. He was most sad about leaving them, although most of them are returning to the same school next year anyways. We didn't have any reservations or fears of him going into Kindergarten as we knew he would take what he learns well. He has always been the self starter, over achiever and has always loved learning. I hope he continues to love school as much as he has loved Kindergarten!
He got his first Yearbook and was so proud of it. He reads it and looks through it all the time.

He received an "All About Me" memory book that his teacher put together of his journal writings and other work they did in class to show his progress. He also received a medallion for reading over 200 books. 

Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you. We look forward to the upcoming years. We know you will do extremely well and will take anything that comes your way! 

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