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7 years ago....

8:25 PMMelanie M.

Happy Anniversary to us! 7 years ago today, I still remember everything I did from waking up at the crack of dawn to hunt for a place to get bagels for the girls and the dark. Getting ready and dolled up, seeing eachother for the first time, our vows, our friends and family celebrating with us. To seeing how all my planning came to play on the biggest day of our lives...
We were getting MARRIED!

For this day was the beginning of a new chapter in our lives...

Photo Montage and Photos by Trailbrook Photography
With the many challenges we face daily to make our marriage as solid as it is, I thank him for everything that has come our way. A wonderful Father and Husband who does all he can to take care of us and make sure we're happy! I LOVE You Sweetie! Happy Anniversary!

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