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Eating out? Make healthy choices.

2:28 PMMelanie M.

Dieting and healthy eating is never as exciting when "eating out". I can't NOT go out when Hubby is feeling a night out. Thankfully many restaurants are now expanding their menu items, including healthy option,low calorie meals and more. Lastnight we had gone to Olive Garden,while we are not huge fans of pastas and such,we do like our occasional Olive Garden fix. This breadsticks for me.

With delicious options on their "healthy options" menu, chose the Seafood Brodetto. This 480 calorie meal is delicious! Full of shrimp, scallops, tilapia, mushrooms, spinach and so much flavor it truly is mouth watering. The white-wine and marinara saffron broth was not too heavy and very flavorful. Of course to stay on the healthy kick, you can skip the ciabatta bread. The best thing is...I didn't even eat the whole thing, took half of it home and I'm having it for dinner tonight!

So here's to a healthier living for the New Year and still being able to eat out by making healthier choices.

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