Saturday, July 30, 2011

52 Week Me Challenge: Week 9

A Hello Kitty Birthday
My Mom knows how much I love Hello Kitty. And as we were at the Vacaville Outlets in Vacaville, CA I discovered a Sanrio Outlet! OMG!!!! Yes, I was like a kid in a candy store. I browsed the store looking at all the "cutesy" little things they had when I spotted the jewelry case. *GASP* 
My Mom must've saw that look in my eyes. I couldn't decide whether to buy the bracelet or the ring for myself. So...Yes, my Mommy bought me the bracelet for as my birthday present! She giggled about buying a Hello Kitty things for her 36 year old daughter's birthday! LOL
Thanks Mommy!

And I guess I'm going a bit HK crazy this birthday. But I also got some lounge pants, flip flops and of course...the one and only HELLO KITTY VANS! Thanks Hubby!

And though I did not get this, my kids and my nephews wanted to point this out to me when we were shopping at the Vans outlet in Vacaville. They all thought it was perfect for me, even though I don't skate. My son Konnor's idea, "Mommy you can buy it and hang it on the wall in your room like Julian (my nephew) does." My response, "I don't think Daddy would like that too much, and I'm a Mommy, not a skateboarder like your cousin Julian is." =)

Instead of a Baskin Robbins Ice Cream cake this year, my Mother in Law decided to surprise me with my favorite...
...SPRINKLES Cupcakes! 

Photo by: Konnor McMaster
I had a low key, relaxing birthday with my Hubby. We enjoyed a quiet lunch together without the kids. Later at night we spent some time hanging out with friends. Tomorrow...we're off to the races! Del Mar Racetrack! Wish me luck!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What's your kids sense of style?

Social Moms and JcPenney’s has partnered up for Back to School and a fun blogging program empowering kids to express and embrace their own sense of style.

Before having kids I was always what I would consider "shopper". Since having kids things have changed. Aside from becoming budget friendly and shopping sensibly, sometimes buying for two KIDS can be just as bad as buying for myself. I had always wondered how I got my sense of style. Thinking back, I think I read a lot of teen magazines and really didn’t have a say in my clothes until I was a teen. I usually spent my Summer vacation figuring out what style I wanted to have throughout the school season. My Aunt would take me shopping as well as my Grandma and my Mom. I normally spent my Summer vacation away from where I went to school so I had come back with a different style. It wasn’t always what was in style at the time, but I didn’t mind. I didn’t always want to be exactly like everyone else. I enjoyed the unique style I had and was flattered when someone else thought it was cool. =) It’s a bit different in raising kids these days. I always thought I’d be able to have all the say in dressing my kids until later, at least a teen. But these days my boys are too smart for their own good.

I have two boys, ages 3 and 5yrs of age. My 5 year old has always been interested in picking out his own clothes and getting himself dressed since he could walk. Now that he is 5, going to school and seeing what his friends and others wear, he's definitely becoming his own while developing his own sense of style. If I could some it up, I would say he would like to dress like Justin Bieber all the time. But I don't allow it. Not that anything is wrong with Justin Bieber's "swag" or style, I just don't think a 5 year old should dress like the teens and tweens out there. He is a big fan of JB and admires him. He also is an aspiring ROCKSTAR and loves to wear anything that has a guitar or set of drums on it. Believe me when I say we have dozens and dozens of Rockstar apparel. I admit I've bought him a few purple shirts, a purple had with his own initials and some skinny jeans. He likes to accessorize with either a matching hat or a dog tag that he has with a guitar on it. (Go Figure!?) I do allow him to choose some of the outfits when we're out shopping for clothes....with my approval. Though he doesn't choose clothes by brand names, he does notice his friends who always wear name brand clothing. Then his age appropriate, boyish style sense comes out and wants to wear all Marvel Superhero character clothing. Shorts, polo shirts, jeans and t-shirts are typical boy apparel. He's definitely growing up, becoming his own person, as he even asked to get his ears pierced, since learning one of his friends got his done at 5! Oh boy..I'll have to think about that!!

My younger one is still young, but there is no way I can pick his clothes for him. He wants what his big brother is wearing, or what his older cousin is wearing. He loves hats and beanies. He loves choosing his own outfits when we’re shopping. He likes to wear shorts more so than his big brother. But he too likes the Rockstar apparel, plaid print, easy and comfortable lounge clothing. He hates jackets, sweatshirts or anything that bundles him up. On the other hand, this is the same son that use to love wearing yellow rainboots with shorts all days of the year.

Overall, I don't mind the style my kids are growing up expressing. Aside from myself and my Husband they have many different people to look up to in style. I think they take the most from their friends, their cousins (who are all mostly boys as well) and TV. Because I'm still the one who pays, I do have a say in the purchases. For the most part I think it's cute they can take their ideas and I have not finished Back to School shopping for my 5 year old. We've picked up thing here and there but I know where I need to go when it's time. We hit a few sales last week and while we were on a trip, but I'm not done. As they see their friends, other kids, styles in the stores/mall and styles or commercials on tv I know they will soon be asking for the same thing. Most importantly I want them to be themselves and express their unique style however they feel they need.

Do you have a say in your child's sense of style? Do they have a special kind of style? I'd love to hear how your child chose his/her own sense of style!

I wrote this blog post while participating in the SocialMoms and jcpenney blogging program, for a gift card worth $50. For more information on how you can participate, click here.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Do kids these days read books or play board games anymore??

My kids and my nephews all playing some kind of electronic gadget. Whether it be a Leapster, MobiGo or a Nintendo these days!?! It's all about electronic gadgets nowadays. 

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Family Fun: Waterwold USA

While spending time with family in Northern California, my parents wanted to have all the Grandkids together for some fun in the sun. We spent the day at Waterworld in Concord, CA. My boys of course love waterparks. I will let the pictures show their fun!

All in all we all had fun. The weather was not too hot. This was my first time (since the park had opened). Prices for entry were reasonable. $29.99 for adults if you purchase online. $24.99 for kids 48" and under. 2 years old and under, FREE. $10 parking. The park itself was fine. I liked that there were two different kiddie play areas. There were family slides that parents could go on with their kids, or the kids who were not quite tall enough for the bigger slides. Plenty of Lifeguards although food choices were not too impressive. Typical hamburger, fries, pizza, chicken strips or chicken sandwiches. Nothing fancy, the usual Waterpark type of food. Unfortunately the simple menu options tasted bland. Prices weren't outrageous. Food service was ridiculously slow. Since my Husband is the Director of Culinary in a popular So Cal theme park, I've come to learn about good quality of food and service when it comes to different parks.

Overall this was for the kids and they enjoyed it. Why not? Fun in the sun, splish splashing all day? OF COURSE they were having FUN!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Coastal Scents Haul

I blogged on Friday about a Coastal Scents Sale. I took advantage of that sale that day and received my order yesterday! Talk about QUICK shipping!! I ordered some of their lashes, Hot Pot blushes, an eyeshadow and 2 empty palettes. I love their palettes because they're small and have a large mirror inside. Since I had depotted all of my MAC eyeshadows and have purchased several Hot Pots and Stars Makeup Haven single shadows I've enjoyed using the Coastal Scents empty palettes. They are great size and a lot less expensive than the MAC palettes! I already have 4 full palettes.

 I love the Baby Kabuki! I can take it with me in my makeup bag. It's dense and is perfect for powder touch ups throughout the day.
FREE Baby Kabuki with purchase
 I took advantage of some of their flirty lashes. I've never tried them before, but they were so cute. I have never heard anything bad about them. Affordable and cute.

Blush - B07

Without flash Hot Pot ME17

With Flash

Blush B03

Are you a Coastal Scents fan? What are your favorite products?