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Happy 4th Birthday to my Baby Boy Kameron!

5:08 PMMelanie M.

Happy 4th Birthday Baby Boy!!!
Happy 4th Birthday to my Baby Boy Kameron Ethan! 
Mommy's Little Trouble Maker, Mommy's {other} SONshine. Today is the day I gave birth to my fiesty little {big} baby boy Kameron. On this day I take time to remember my pregnancy, my birth and the growing days of my little one Kameron. He's fiesty, yet needy. Caring and sensitive. Affectionate and playful. He's alot like his Mommy!!!
Me with Kameron @ 36wks The Day before I delivered

Happy Birthday Kameron! 3 hours after he was born

Kameron's 1st Christmas

6 months

Happy 1st Birthday Kameron


Kameron's 2nd Birthday

Kameron's 3rd Birthday

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