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30 Day Blog Challenge - Day7: Your favorite childhood toys

4:44 PMMelanie M.

Day7: Your favorite childhood toys

I grew up in the 80s so when there were so many toys. Unlike today's kids I didn't have electronics, portable handheld toys, heck I didn't have any toys that needed batteries cost more than $100. I had a younger sister, so everything I had, I had to share with her. My favorite toys growing up were of course the girlie toys. Everything from Barbie, Cabbage Patch Kids, Strawberry Shortcakes, Rainbow Brite...dolls and dolls galore. Another favorite was my Easy bake oven. This particular toy got a lot of use. My cousins and I used to come over and we'd bake all day. Funny thing is I hate baking now! I thought baking as a kid would help me bake a lot more as a Mom. Unfortunately that backfired.

What was your favorite childhood toy?

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