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Chore Ticket System - Rewards

7:49 AMMelanie M.

I have tried several "charts" and reward systems for my boys. Some have worked for awhile but never lasted. I've been using the Melissa & Doug responsibility chart for a little over 2 years with Konnor. He loved it at first, was always excited to get a happy face. I would print out a photo of his "reward" and stick it to the side of the chart so he can see what he's working towards. But after awhile he would get bored of it and need another fun way of seeing his chore and behavior responsibilites. I would give it a break for awhile and then go back to using it. Now that he's more into doing chores we've been back at it again. His chores now include: Sorting laundry, emptying the dishwasher, feeding the cat, empty all small trashcans and of course the obvious behaviors and cleaning up toys and his bedroom.

Source: Melissa & Doug
I came across this on the Tip Junkie site and thought it would be a great new type of chart to use with my boys. It seems my boys always expect to get something anytime they do something good, even if it's only once! NOT! I really need to keep teaching them that rewards come in return of good behavior.

What's your way of using a reward/chore/behavior system? Would love to hear more ideas!

If you haven't already found Tip Junkie, you have to check her out. Laurie has such amazing tips and inspirations for almost EVERYTHING!!
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