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52 week ME Challenge: Week 1

9:08 AMMelanie M.

I promised myself to stick to the ME challenge, and I think I did great for the first week. First off, I was able to spend and treat myself this week. I did some online shopping at Cherry Culture since they were having a mega sale for NYX products. What did I buy? MAKEUP of course! Did some "stockup" shopping on things I use most.

I also enjoyed 2 days of the week at the pool. The weather was perfect. The kids were excited and I got a chance to leave the laundry behind and RELAX! I painted my nails while I sat at the pool and soaked up some sun. It was fun. Here are my nails of the week. Don't mind my ugly cuticles! =)

Thursday evenings I attend and RCIA class at church. Not only is it enriching, but it gives me time to reflect on myself, my family, my life I feel good about things and I like it. Last night was a bit tough as we learned more about missionaries. This is something I find hard to deal with and accept. I'm very sensitive to seeing young children (and their families) living in poverty. I've always been this way. I get very emotional seeing it on tv, but even worse seeing it in person. I can't even go to Mexico (Tijuana) or Rosarito without bursting into tears seeing the little kids working, some without even their parents near them. Some of them as young as 3 years old. I also went to Costa Rica a few years ago and drove through a run down, poor part of town and again I burst into tears and was saddened by what I saw. That's just me, very emotional. I wish I could help all those kids. But as we were learning about the missionaries I learned that it's not always about going to the poverty part of town and working with the less fortunate kids. It's also about helping kids and people learn about Christianity and GOD. Sister Eva from Holy Childhood Association gave a great presentation that night. It gave me more of an understanding, though I still am emotional seeing photos of the kids. One thing I do want to do is somehow teach my children (at an early age) about other kids around the world and even local that are less fortunate. Talking to them is a daily habit, but I want to be able to show them. But how can I show them when I'm so emotional about it myself? That's something I've got to work on, in order to teach my kids.

This weekend I have no plans! Hubby is off today and tomorrow, and I'm hoping he has something planned for us with or without the kids. Tomorrow night is a big boxing match. Pacquiao vs. Mosley, the most intense fight everyone has been waiting for. We plan to watch it with a bunch of friends as we always do for the Pacquiao fights. That is always fun and exciting.

Sunday is always church day and of course it's Mother's Day. Hubby works (*sad*) but he did make reservations for the kids and I (along with the In-Laws) to have brunch at Seaworld, Dine with Shamu Mother's Day Brunch. We've done Dine with Shamu severeal times, the kids love it. But this weekend is a special Mother's Day Brunch. So we will be able to enjoy brunch at Seaworld and see the Hubby at the same time. Yes, my Hubby works at Seaworld.

So there's my week. Hope everyone enjoys their weekend! I will fill you in next time on how my weekend goes.....


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