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Photo of the Day: Ceviche Sushi Roll

3:08 PMUnknown

I've just been thinking about this sushi roll all day. If you know me, you know that I love sushi. I like specialty sushi rolls over the typical rolls you can find at all sushi restaurants. This is a ceviche roll from Valentino's Grill in Chula Vista, CA. These are so delicious! I love ceviche just as much so ceviche and sushi...{LOVE}

Are you a sushi fan? Is your mouth watering yet? What is your favorite sushi rolls?

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  1. MEL! Yum! Huge sushi fan. Drooling now. Favorite? Uh - ALL. You name it, I love it. Cyn

  2. @Cyn Have you been to Valentino's? If not, check it out sometime. Maybe on a date night? They have the best variety of specialty rolls!!

  3. No we haven't. YET. Date night it is. Maybe we can meet up with you guys one of these days. Hopefully before your boys are in college. Gerald & I always check out the signature rolls from each place we visit. I've never seen the Ceviche Sushi Roll. Gotta try it! Cyn

  4. Seriously Cyn. As soon as you guys make your date night date, let us know when so we can get a sitter and meet you guys! Wednesdays and Thursdays are not good for us. But we can work something out on the other days!


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