It's a New Year, New Beginnings

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boys christmas eve family

Christmas Eve

2:48 PMUnknown

Balloons for Great Mama

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Konnor konnorism


12:36 PMUnknown

A Day for Thanks!

4:27 PMUnknown

Visiting my LOVED ONES

10:54 PMUnknown
maria staump staump productions tim staump

Staump Productions Fall Concert 2010

1:18 PMUnknown

Konnor's rendition of "Billionaire" - Bruno Mars

1:09 PMUnknown

Quote of the Day

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Camp Rock2 CPK Cricket Theater

Konnor and Mommy Date Night: JONAS Brothers Concert

9:30 AMUnknown
blackberry smartphones tumblr

Find us on Tumblr

12:59 PMUnknown
Coastal Scents cosmetics ELF

Are you a makeup junkie?

3:48 PMUnknown
maria staump staump productions tim staump

ROCKSTAR in training

4:31 PMUnknown

No more floaties Mommy!

9:45 AMUnknown

My 35th Birthday Celebration(s)

8:31 PMUnknown
Santee Lakes

Hello, San Diego!

10:47 AMUnknown

Konnor: Baby by Justin Bieber

1:34 PMUnknown

I am lost, My heart is aching

3:34 PMUnknown

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