Happy Friday!

9:54 AMMcMaster2007

Just Konnor and Mommy

9:53 AMMcMaster2007

1st time grocery shopping

9:53 AMMcMaster2007

Ahh..the JOYS and PAINS of Parenthood

9:50 AMMcMaster2007

Happy 1 Month Birthday Konnor

9:48 AMMcMaster2007

Konnor sleeps 5 hours!

9:47 AMMcMaster2007

Daddy Returns to work

9:34 AMMcMaster2007

Desperate measures

9:33 AMMcMaster2007

What it's like to be a single Mom

9:32 AMMcMaster2007

1st trip to the mall

9:30 AMMcMaster2007

Konnor is 3 weeks old

9:29 AMMcMaster2007

A visit from The Fischer's and The Kotsyun's

9:28 AMMcMaster2007

Konnor's 1st St. Patrick's Day

9:28 AMMcMaster2007

"Sleep when Baby Sleeps"

9:25 AMMcMaster2007

1st night out to dinner

9:16 AMMcMaster2007

Konnor & Kiana

9:06 AMMcMaster2007

Konnor is 2 weeks old

9:05 AMMcMaster2007

Our First Date

9:04 AMMcMaster2007


8:58 AMMcMaster2007

Mama & Papa Visit

8:54 AMMcMaster2007

How time flies!

8:53 AMMcMaster2007


8:52 AMMcMaster2007

Jaundice Progress

8:51 AMMcMaster2007

Back in the hospital

8:50 AMMcMaster2007

Welcome HOME Baby Konnor!

8:48 AMMcMaster2007

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