Still at the hospital

8:47 AMUnknown

Happy Birthday Konnor Elijah McMaster

8:42 PMUnknown

"Let's get this started!"

8:41 PMUnknown

Induction Date Set

8:40 PMUnknown

Our last prenatal appointment

8:39 PMUnknown

Can you come out now Baby?

8:38 PMUnknown

"Sleepless in Surprise"

8:36 PMUnknown

Valentines Day - Our 13th prenatal appointment

8:29 PMUnknown

Should we go to the hospital NOW?

8:28 PMUnknown


8:27 PMUnknown

Nine Months

8:21 PMUnknown

More contractions...1cm dialated

8:17 PMUnknown

37 weeks

8:34 PMUnknown

OUR year in review

8:13 PMUnknown

Beginning of NST

8:13 PMUnknown

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