Goodbye 2005...Hello 2006

Merry Christmas!

9th prenatal Costochondritis

29 weeks

OUCH! Abdominal Pains!

Our 8th Prenatal Appointment

We Made it! Happy Birthday Daddy!

Daddy feels Baby M!

Is that a stretch mark I see?

Our 7th Prenatal Appointment

Stay at Home Mommy in Training

Halloween 2005

Taebo Baby

6th Prenatal Appointment

17 weeks

Portland Trip Weekend

4 months! First baby movements felt

14 weeks 1 day

Aches and Pains

12 weeks

Back to reality. Our 4th prenatal appointment

Our Third Prental Appointment - BON VOYAGE!


Our Second Prenatal Appointment

Happy Birthday to ME!


First pre-natal appointment

It's not a dream

We're having a BABY!